The Two-Tone Dovetail

The Two-Tone Dovetail


The Two-Tone Dovetail is sure to be an eye-catcher. The dovetail joint is the mark of a true craftsman. A technique that not only adds beautiful ornamentation but also withstands the test of time. Just as elegant as the original Dovetail Urn but with a striking twist. The Two-Tone Dovetail offers just the right amount of personality to the already handsome urn.  

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You may be wondering how to use a Forever Woodworks urn. Not to worry, our urns are easy to use. Simply:

  1. Turn the urn upside down
  2. Remove screws on the bottom and remove the base
  3. Insert the box given to you by your funeral director directly into your urn
  4. Replace the base and screws, return urn to an upright position