Forever Woodworks, LLC.
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Forever Woodworks, LLC.
We hand-craft wood urns, as unique as your loved one's legacy

We hand-craft and custom make wood cremation urns as unique as your loved one's legacy


We will help you choose or create the perfect urn

Searching for an urn that is both beautiful and unique to your loved one's story can be overwhelming, especially when you feel limited to choices that don't reflect your loved one's life. We understand. Forever Woodworks gives you the options you have been searching for. 


Classic Style Urns

Timeless, traditional, elegant and refined. Our classic styles have been a favorite for those seeking the finest quality craftsmanship. 


Rustic Style Urns

Rugged, bold, adventurous, and full of character. Our rustic styles are rich with story and heritage. They incorporate our most unique woods such as reclaimed barnwood and live-edge wood.


Partner Urns

 For love that lasts forever. Partner urns were made to allow the union of two special people to continue by offering a resting place side-by-side, together. All of our urns can be made to order as a partner urn.


Custom Urns and Engraving 

We would love to work with you to create the ideal urn of your vision. Whether its personalized engraving you're looking for, adding a photo, or implementing your own design elements, we would be happy to begin discussing your options with you. 


There is Hope

Do you feel like you are searching for something that doesn't exist? Are you frustrated that your choices are limited to generic, mass-produced urns? 

There is hope. 

We understand. We have been there and felt the same frustrations.  That's why we created Forever Woodworks, LLC. The first urn created by Forever Woodworks was made for my Great-Grandmother, using wood from a tree that stood in her front yard.

We get it. This decision is personal and for someone special.  We want to help make this decision easier for you.  Don't spend anymore time searching for an urn you'll "settle" with. Find the right urn at Forever Woodworks or we will help you create one.